Spring Break part 3

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Time for the Intruders.  They may take a little longer and require a few more steps, but they are very rewarding to tie. Well that wraps up my Spring Break 2012 photo collection.  I hope you have enjoyed it, and maybe have picked up some new ideas for your own Intruders style tube flies.

Spring Break part 2

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This is part 2 of the Spring Break photo collection.  The Intruders that I mentioned in part 1 will now be seen in a special “Spring Break Intruder” post.  So without further delay, here are more of the tube flies i tied during spring break 2012. These ones consists mostly of multiple colors of Amherst, … Read More

Spring Break part 1

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After a hectic winter quarter at school, I had a 10 day break in between the start of the spring quarter.  Some would call this “spring break”, but it rained most of the time and didn’t feel like spring.  Here’s my spring break 2012 photo collection. I think I was mostly looking forward to summer … Read More

The Modular Tube Fly – Part 1

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One of the biggest upsides to tying on tubes, whether they be metal or plastic, is that they are highly modular with multiple options that can be swapped in and out.  Two options are the ability to easily change or add color, and the ability to add or remove weight to a pattern, all this … Read More

Bead Head Fox Fur Bugger

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Wrapping the spun Rhea and Flashabou over the first layer of Arctic Fox The second layer of Arctic Fox spun over the Rhea and Flashabou (above) And finally the finished product with the orange bead head   Two layers of Arctic Fox (spun), Rhea & gold Flashabou spun  together, over a flat orange diamond braid … Read More

Winter Steelhead fishing?

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This has not happened for me yet this season.  Between school, the new baby, and all the rain I haven’t made it out to fish for winter steelhead.  However, I have found some time to tie plenty of tube flies between studying and taking care of the new baby.   I have been playing with an … Read More

Intruder tube fly

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An Intruder tube fly  Finishing the Intruder below with lady Amherst flank using pink and orange blended together to form sort of a peachish color Below I had just wrapped the pink arctic fox tail (spun on a loop) over the pink cone head. This fly will get down deep, and you can’t even see … Read More