Fine Tuning Your Tube Fly Vise Adapter

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As I have mentioned in previous posts, I truly believe that a simple $15-30 Tube Fly Vise Adapter, that works with the fly tying vise that you already own, is your best option for tying on tubes.  The adapter is much more economical and much more versatile in my opinion.  However, up until recently there … Read More

Formerly Northwest Tube Tosser

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I have been very busy lately with classes, the family, an internship, and along with misplacing my camera while on my last fishing trip, I haven’t had the opportunity to publish any new articles.  All that is about to change as I have some vacation time in the near horizon, and have a few different … Read More

Black and Blue Summer

Black and Blue Summer

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This tube fly was developed using  colors from some very successful summer steelhead patterns on one of the local rivers. This fly will be tied on an Eumer Crayfish hybrid tube.  You can tie this fly on any type of tube you like to help tailor it to your specific situation.  I like to tie … Read More

The Modular Tube Fly – part 3

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Putting It All Together As I have mentioned before the beauty of the Modular Tube Fly System is that you have many, many options, from changing colors of the junction tubing, to adding and removing different sized, and colored cone head weights.  When you put the whole system together, you actually have even more options … Read More

Tube Fly Vise – The Basics

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One of the first steps to tying a tube fly would be to purchase or create a tube fly vise.  You can accomplish this in many ways.  The simplest method, and the most inexpensive is to purchase a few different sizes of blind eye hooks.  The blind eye hooks fit snugly into the vise you … Read More

The Modular Tube Fly – Part 2

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Part two of the Modular Tube Fly series will cover adding and removing weight to your flies.  This is one of my favorite options in the Modular Tube Fly System and is definitely one of the most valuable as well.  With the option of adding and removing weight to a tube fly, we can fish … Read More

Gadwall and Jungle Cock for Summer Steel

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With the winter steelhead season behind us now (except for a few rivers),I have been tying several different patterns in preparation for summer steelheading opportunities once the rivers open again.  This is one of those patterns, tied on a brass Teardrop tube.   A little bit of flat diamond braid was used to add a bit … Read More