Small Salmon Flies

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These are some smaller salmon flies I tied on some Tiemco 7999 Size 12 hooks. Some of the materials used on these flies were pink or purple dyed raccoon, natural colored squirrel tale, saddle hackles and a couple of these flies received Arctic Fox in their wing. The fly below is larger and was tied … Read More

Step by Step Tube Fly Videos

Step by Step Tube Fly Videos

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 I haven’t been able to publish my latest articles as quickly as I had hoped.  I have several articles in the works and hope to find the time to start publishing them shortly.  I the mean time I thought I would share this link to Canadian Tube Fly Company’s  step by step tube fly videos.   … Read More

Christmas Ball Gift Idea

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Recently I was visiting a friend and he had a clear Christmas ball on his Christmas tree with a small salmon fly inside of it.  He said it had been given to him as a gift and suggested that I do the same.  I have a large family so this immediately seemed like a great … Read More

In The Loop – Spinning Flash

In The Loop – Spinning Flash

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There are many different ways to add flash to a fly.  How one applies the flash and how much flash is used is entirely up to the person sitting at the vise and what they are trying to accomplish with that particular fly.  In this article I’m going to demonstrate some of the ways to … Read More

Simple Salmon

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I do not consider an anadromous fish that travels thousands of miles out to the sea to live the majority of it’s life and then is able to somehow return to the same river it spawned from a simple creature by any means.  However I do considered tying this salmon tube fly to be a … Read More